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Scorpion Automotive has a long history of producing and supplying a number of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers with cutting-edge vehicle security systems. Our S-Series range continues this tradition, providing the latest technology, functionality and legendary reliability, to deliver the most advanced vehicle security system money can buy.


The S37 Motorhome System is a Thatcham CAT2-1 alarm upgrade system that significantly improves the security and protection of your High-Value Motorhome.

Supplied by Scorpion Automotive, one of the UK’s leading Auto Security Specialists, the S37 Alarm System has been specifically designed for a Motorhome to ensure that your vehicle will be well protected once installed.


The S37 system comes with front interior ultrasonic sensors, battery backup siren, door open detection via the vehicles CAN Bus system, habitation door protection and bonnet detection. When the alarm triggers it will sound the External Siren and Flash the indicators.

Optional add-ons

Wireless magnetic contact

PIR wireless sensor

Tilt sensors


Thatcham 2>1 CAN-Bus upgrade alarm with perimeter protection, built-in ultrasonic volumetric sensor, alarm LED memory, output for additional siren, output for auxiliary modules and input for hardwired sensors

Ideal for vehicle already with an immobiliser


Remote alarm system with two points of immobilisation and multi point central door-locking

two 2-button remote controls
built-in ultrasonic sensor
LED status indication
waterproof coded battery backup siren
additional input for hardwired sensors
output for telematics device activation
double engine immobilisation

The Defender by Scorpion Automotive combines both a Scorpion alarm and a ScorpionTrack tracker, so you can relax knowing that your pride and joy is protected against sudden attack and potential theft.

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Meta provide much more than your regular everyday car security system including an affordable GPS tracking and smartphone push notification add-on which allows you to track your vehicle at any time or be alerted of a vehicle alarm event. They also have ADR security options meaning you can have a tag which sits on your vehicles keys and unless this is present the vehicle will remain immobilised at all times.
Meta provide Can-Bus alarms and more traditional Thatcham approved Cat 1 alarms and immobilisers. 

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