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BLE 42 Easy-to-Install Single Circuit Immobiliser with 2 ID Tags

Includes Installation £349

The BLE42 Starter Immobiliser is designed to prevent unauthorised starting of the vehicle.

Guard against relay theft, OBD hacking and key cloning

No Tag, No Start!

The immobiliser will automatically disarm if the ID-Tag present when the ignition is switched ON.

No Subscription costs

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Meta Trak Deadlock

Includes Installation £629

1st years Subscription included.

Insurance approved, Thatcham category  S5 tracker with immobilisation

No Tag, No start!

Lock down from phone app or web,The vehicle cannot be started – even with the ID tag present.

24/7 monitoring 


European coverage


Journey history & score

Instant alerts

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Scorpion S5-VTS Tracker with immobilisation

Includes Installation 

Price includes Installation and First 12 months Subscription £599

Protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement.

24/7/365 Theft Monitoring by our dedicated UK based Monitoring Team


Tow Away Alerts

Key Cloning Protection

European Coverage

Automatic Driver Recognition

Remote & Automatic Immobilisation

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The X-series uses a combination of buttons and switches in your car to enable/disable the immobiliser. You can choose any combination of buttons making it unique to yourself and your car.

The X-Series prevents Key Relay theft where a criminal picks up the signal from your car key and uses a transmitter to make your car believe the key is present, opening the car and allowing the thief to start it.

There is no need to remember to reactivate the system once you have completed your journey, once the vehicle has been turned off the system will automatically activate and start protecting the vehicle.