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Developed in response to the staggering increase in vehicle thefts, particularly by the relay attack method, Meta Trak S5 Deadlock immobilises and tracks. It is the most comprehensive vehicle security and connectivity system on the market.


What is Relay Attack?  Without ever entering your home, or touching the car’s key, thieves are able to open and start your vehicle and drive it away in just seconds. Two trasmitters or ‘relay’ boxes are used by the thieves; one is held close to your car and the other near to where you keep your key.  This way, the signal produced by your key is lengthened, fooling the car into thinking the key is actually present.


Meta Trak S5 Deadlock combines advanced immobilisation with Meta Trak’s new generation tracking technology, 24/7control room monitoring and an easy-to-use app. It has been assessed by Thatcham and meets their strictest approval criteria, which means that it’s trusted by your insurance company to offer the very best security. 

Meta Deadlock Cat 5 Features:

  • Insurance compliant 

  • Real-time tracking 

  • Free downloadable App

  • Journey scoring

  • Web portal login

  • European coverage included

  • Geo-Fence

  • Battery disconnect alert 

  • Tow away alert 

  • Vehicle battery low alert (via App)

  • System health check 

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR tags x 2)

  • Battery tag low alert 

  • Remote engine immobilisation

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ID Tags not present? Get an instant alert if an unauthorised movement is detectedToday's thieves are able to steal vehicles with technology bought readily on the internet!  Known as 'relay attack theft', thieves are able to unlock keyless cars by transmitting an amplified signal that fools the security system into opening the doors.  The ID Tag is a key ally in the fight against modern day theft methods such as relay attack and key cloning.

See live tracking of your vehicle, at anytime, from anywhere ​Someone else driving your vehicle? Want a loved one to know your whereabouts? The Meta Trak lets you see where your vehicle is, with pin point accuracy whenever you want. 

View your journeys and driving efficiencyHave you made a special trip? You can review up to 30 days journey history.  Want to know your driving score? The Meta Trak app will let you analyse driving efficiency such as braking, cornering and acceleration for the last 20 trips.  You can even switch to privacy mode if you prefer to keep your journeys private! 

Installed price £629

(Including 1st Year

Subscription Prices £169.95)

Installed price £829

(Including 3 Years

Subscription )