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Meta Trak S5-VTS

Security and Connectivity to Protect your Vehicle

ID Tags

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

Live Tracking

Instant Notifications​

Category S5, Insurance Approved

Installed price £499

(Including 1st Year

Subscription Price £169.95)

Installed price £699

(Including 3 Years


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ID Tags not present? Get an instant alert if an unauthorised movement is detected

Today's thieves are able to steal vehicles with technology bought readily on the internet! Known as 'relay attack theft', thieves are able to unlock keyless cars by transmitting an amplified signal that fools the security system into opening the doors.  The ID Tag is a key ally in the fight against modern day theft methods such as relay attack and key cloning.

ID Tags for motorcyclists 

​An alert is generated if the bike is hijacked (or stolen with the bike’s keys) and the ID tag and bike are separated.  Many bikers also choose to add a Meta Trak immobiliser option to the Meta Trak S5-VTS for increased security; the ID tag allows for automatic immobiliser disarming.

We're your eyes and ears, monitoring your vehicle 24/7

If someone tries to steal your vehicle our dedicated control room will be tracking it's every move and will liaise directly with the police to recover it.

Keep tabs on your vehicle at all times with instant notifications

You'll always be connected to your vehicle with unlimited alerts such as tamper, low battery, geo fence and speeding.


View your journeys and driving efficiency

Have you made a special trip? You can review up to 30 days journey history.  Want to know your driving score? The Meta Trak app will let you analyse driving efficiency such as braking, cornering and acceleration for the last 20 trips.  You can even switch to privacy mode if you prefer to keep your journeys private!