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Meta Trak S7-ATS

Insurance approved – Thatcham category S7

Mobile and web application

Low battery, speed & geo-fence alerts

Journey history & score


The Meta Trak S7-ATS is a small, waterproof tracker which is insurance-approved and Thatcham accredited to category 6 and S7. In addition to live tracking via smartphone app & web portal, the system has all the features you’d expect from an insurance-approved tracker such as 24 hour control centre monitoring and European coverage. 

Insurance Approved 

24/7 Control Room monitoring 

App and Web access

GPS/GSM blocking alerts 

30 day journey history retention 

30 day driver behaviour report

Instant Alerts

-  Geo Fence Alerts

-  Motion Alerts

-  Tamper Alerts

-  Low Battery Alerts

European coverage 

Battery Backup

12/24 volt compatibility 



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Once our easy-to-use app is downloaded you will be connected to your vehicle or machinery anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Installed price £199

Subscription £109.95

1 Year

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